Roques de Benet, Els Ports Natural Park, Catalonia, Spain  

Roques de Benet, Els Ports Natural Park, Catalonia, Spain

Jutting into the sky above Els Ports Natural Park, the Roques de Benet are a cluster of rock formations in Catalonia, Spain, whose tallest peak stands about 3,330 feet above sea level. Overlooking the vast wetlands of the Ebro Delta, the peak offers views of streams and pine forests, with trails that lead into the mountains. The word "Benet" comes from Arabic, hinting at the area"s varied past, including both Arabic and Christian settlers. These days, the park is home to a variety of wildlife, from ibex and otters to vultures and eagles. Animals aren"t the only inhabitants of the area. The villages nestled at the base of this massif still maintain their shared traditions, such as the age-old craft of using vegetable fibers to create baskets and kitchen utensils.

© Sergi Boixader/Alamy

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