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Modica, Sicily, Italy

© Sandro Bisaro/Getty Images

When Italy comes to mind, iconic cities like Milan, Rome, and Venice often steal the spotlight. However, on the island of Sicily lies a less famous gem—Modica. It"s a city that rose from the rubble of an earthquake in 1693 to become an architectural wonderland of Baroque-style buildings. With fewer than 60,000 inhabitants, this UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts cobbled lanes, echoing with powerful footprints—from prehistoric tribes to the ancient Greeks and Romans to the medieval Arabs and Normans. Landmarks like the San Giorgio Cathedral and San Pietro Church awe visitors with their grandeur, and Modica"s famous chocolate, crafted with Aztec-inspired techniques, tempts the palates of food enthusiasts. So, the next time Italy beckons, how about taking the road less traveled to Modica?

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