World of WearableArt Awards  

World of WearableArt Awards

Clothes used to be animal hides and fur. Art used to be stick figures painted on cave walls. Times have changed. Now fashion is a major industry and art can be a lucrative field, too. Today we"re celebrating "wearable art," which blurs genres and has passionate devotees. Curious? Well, check out the World of WearableArt (WOW), which is WOW-ing (sorry) fashion and art fans with its awards show in New Zealand right now. The competition runs till October 16 and features work by global designers, artists, and costumers—it"s New Zealand"s largest theatrical production. The competition is just part of the event, though—there are dancers, musicians, and aerialists, too.

© Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images for World of WearableArt

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