World Penguin Day  

World Penguin Day

For World Penguin Day, we"re dropping in on these three kings, who are conferring on matters of state, no doubt. By their grand name, you might expect the king penguin to be the largest of penguin species. In fact, the emperor penguin outranks the king in stature, although they do look similar. The king stands out because of its striking yellow-orange chest feathers and the matching flash of color on the side of its head. Kings can be found in Antarctica and on the subantarctic islands, but their only visits to shore are during the breeding season and when it"s time to molt. The 3-foot-tall kings have one of the longest breeding seasons for birds: It lasts from 14 to 15 months, and they only raise one chick every other year, as it takes nine months for the baby to be fully fledged.

© Paul Souders/Getty Images

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