Dhaka, Bangladesh  

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Welcome to Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. This South Asian megacity on the Ganges Delta, home to over 10.2 million people, is one of the world"s most densely populated cities. Dhaka has been nicknamed "City of Mosques" because of the hundreds of elegant minarets that dot the city. Here, the cheers from football and cricket stadiums fill the air, and colorfully decorated rickshaws, recognized by UNESCO as an important example of cultural heritage, meander through the streets. Even by rickshaw, it might take you a while to reach your destination: Dhaka has been recognized as the world"s slowest city. So, whether you"re weaving through its alleys or sampling its spicy street foods, take the time to savor everything Dhaka has to offer.

© Azim Khan Ronnie/Amazing Aerial Agency

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