Cherry blossoms in Shanghai, China  

Cherry blossoms in Shanghai, China

In spring, nature puts on a vibrant display, marking the start of the season with the bloom of cherry blossoms. Around the globe, from Japan to the United States, this spectacle captivates millions of hearts. In China, cherry blossoms, known as "Yinghua," bloom from late March to late April, adorning landscapes with delicate hues of pink and white. Revered for centuries by the Chinese, these fragile petals hold profound significance in their traditions, symbolizing renewal, hope, and the transient nature of life. Among popular places to see them are Wuhan"s East Lake Cherry Blossom Park, Lu Xun Park in Shanghai, and Beijing"s Yuyuantan Park. Cherry blossoms look similar to plum blossoms, but an easy way to distinguish between the two is to look at their petals. Cherry blossom petals have split ends, but plum blossoms don"t.

© Yaorusheng/Getty Images

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