Sedona, Arizona  

Sedona, Arizona

Stunning sandstone cliffs rise from the desert floor amid spectacular scenery here in Sedona, Arizona, also known as Red Rock Country. Adventure enthusiasts come to enjoy the beautiful trails that dot the region, which is also steeped in Native American history. The earliest settlers are believed to have been the Ancestral Puebloans, who inhabited the area around 1,400 years ago. Without any written history, most of the information about these ancient people comes from the archaeological ruins that remain, including cliff dwellings built under overhangs in the area"s red sandstone rocks. Other Native American groups came to the area such as the Hakataya, the Hohokam, the Sinagua, and the modern-day tribes that live in Arizona today, the Tonto Apache and the Yavapai.

© Jonathan Ross/Getty Images

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