Agüero, Huesca province, Spain  

Agüero, Huesca province, Spain

Huddled beneath these pink-gray stone monoliths is the pretty village of Agüero, in Huesca province, northern Spain. The textured cliffs known as the Mallos de Agüero act as a 660-foot-high backdrop to this picturesque village, drawing both climbers and photographers keen on capturing the perfect shot. This hidden gem in the foothills of the Pyrenees has about 130 residents and is popular with tourists, thanks to the 12th-century Church of Santiago. A national monument with intricate stone carvings of beasts and religious scenes, the church was never finished but is considered one of this region"s most beautiful Romanesque temples. If you consider yourself a history buff, a rock climber, or both, put Agüero on your travel list.

© Andrea Comi/Getty Images

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