A Flag Day tradition  

A Flag Day tradition

Because it"s Flag Day in the US, we"re at the site of what"s believed to be the largest free-flying US flag in the land. It"s crowning the George Washington Bridge connecting Manhattan with Fort Lee, New Jersey. For those crossing the Hudson today, Old Glory will be on full display on the New Jersey tower, at least between the hours of 7 AM and 1:15 PM, after which New York Port Authority workers will reel the 60-by-90-foot, 450-pound nylon flag back into the tube where it"s housed, suspended hundreds of feet above the busy crossing. The flag is set to come out again on July 4, and if you can"t catch it then, you"ll still have a chance to see this enormous flag a few more times this year, as it is scheduled to fly again on Labor Day, September 11, and Veteran"s Day.

© Robert D. Barnes/Getty Images

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