Surfer s paradise  

Surfer s paradise

Look closely at today"s homepage image and you"ll spot the shadow of a surfer who"s probably delighted to be here in Medewi, Bali. It"s a favorite spot for big waves, warm water, and beautiful views. With its thousands of islands and year-round warm water, Indonesia is a prime surfing destination. The island of Bali especially has gained a reputation as a mecca for the sport since global wave-chasers started arriving here in the 1960s and "70s. These days major surfing brands operate their Southeast Asia headquarters out of Bali. Peak surf season here usually falls between April and October, but you can get a fix anytime—just cue up a classic surf movie filmed on the beaches of Bali, such as "Morning of the Earth" or "The Endless Summer 2."

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