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thumbnail Sounds of Bach come to Bath
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Sounds of Bach come to Bath © Rob Cousins/Getty Images
The ancient baths that lent this city its name have for centuries drawn visitors here to Somerset, in South West England. Archeological evidence suggests that when the Romans first built a temple over the bubbling natural hot springs here between 60-70 CE, they may have been adapting a previous center of worship established by ancient Celts. In any case, the Romans built up a complex of bathhouses over the course of 300 years or so, until the Roman withdrawal from Britain in 410. The baths gradually fell into disrepair, but were rebuilt several times, culminating in the elaborate 18th-century bathhouses that still stand today. Designed by the father-and-son team of John Wood, the Elder and John Wood, the Younger, the luxurious baths made Bath a fashionable spa town by the late 1700s.