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thumbnail Presidents Day in America’s front yard
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Presidents Day in America’s front yard © Sam Kittner/Getty Images
For Presidents Day, we’re at the National Mall, the downtown park in Washington, DC, that’s known as ‘America’s front yard’ and serves as home to some of our nation’s most iconic landmarks. On the left, we see the Lincoln Memorial, which honors Abraham Lincoln, our 16th president; the right side of the panorama shows the Washington Monument, the tall obelisk that memorializes George Washington, our first president. In fact, the two landmarks are on a direct east-west axis across from each other. The Lincoln Memorial sits at the western end of the National Mall, while the Washington Monument lies due east, across the Reflecting Pool. Presidents Day was originally established to honor Washington’s February 22 birthday, but has evolved to be a celebration of all the US presidents. How will you spend the holiday?