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thumbnail Celebrating Pie Day is as easy as, well…
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Celebrating Pie Day is as easy as, well… © Chris Stein/Getty Images
Can these frosty apples be salvaged in time for National Pie Day today? The annual event—a simple celebration of the beloved desserts–was created by the American Pie Council (APC), a group dedicated to ‘preserving America"s pie heritage and promoting America"s love affair with pies.’ According to a survey conducted by the APC in 2008, more Americans prefer apple pie over any other, and it’s that variety which inspired our homepage today. But while many things may be as American as apple pie, it’s generally believed that the pie itself originated in England. In fact, English poet Geoffrey Chaucer penned a recipe in 1381 for a pie that includes apples, spices, raisins, figs, pears, and saffron. If you have a favorite pie, it sounds like today’s a sweet day to celebrate.