thumbnail Observing World Braille Day in Bavaria
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Observing World Braille Day in Bavaria © Zoonar GmbH/AlamyJoin Our GIFs Group
This is not just a model; it’s also a tactile map of Landshut, Germany, and it’s meant to be explored with your fingertips. By touch alone, travelers with visual impairments can orient themselves among the real city’s streets and buildings. The miniature representation of this Bavarian town includes local landmarks like towering St. Martin’s Church, which is the tallest church in Bavaria and the second tallest brick structure in the world. The map is also embossed with the raised dots used in the Braille writing system, employed here to identify important parts of town. We’re showing this tactile visual aid today in honor of World Braille Day, an event observed each year on the birthday of Louis Braille, who created Braille in 1824.