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thumbnail Collared aracari in Costa Rica
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Collared aracari in Costa Rica © Juan Carlos Vindas/Getty Images
Black and yellow plumage, bright eyes, and an oversized bill—meet the collared aracari, a fascinating tropical bird. Gracing the forests from Mexico through Costa Rica, where today"s image was taken, to Colombia and Venezuela, this toucan gets its name from the red marking on the back of the neck. These birds circle through the air in groups of up to 15, and at night, snuggle together in tree cavities. Their song is as unique as their look—a high squeaky note that sounds like "seek," sometimes a "purr" or even a raspy "grhhrr." Although deforestation and hunting pose threats to these birds, they are not endangered. For now, collared aracaris remain a captivating sight, a splash of color, and a burst of life amid the sprawling branches.