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thumbnail Celebrating National Park Week, April 21-29
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Celebrating National Park Week, April 21-29 © Media Drum World/Aurora Photos
Here at Bing, we’re big fans of national parks. So, when National Park Week comes around, we join with so many others in celebrating ‘America’s best idea.’ National Park Week is an annual celebration of national parks sponsored by the National Park Foundation and National Park Service. This year we’re celebrating by featuring a homepage image of a different national park for each day of the festivities, starting with the granddaddy of US national parks–Yellowstone. This is the Grand Prismatic Spring, a hot spring at Yellowstone that spans 370 feet in diameter and reaches depths of 160 feet, making it the largest hot spring in the US and the third largest in the world. The rainbow of vivid colors is created by heat-loving bacteria that reside in the water. Come back tomorrow to see where we go next.