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Atop the roof of Africa © Marco Gaiotti/plainpictureJoin Our GIFs Group
From their home in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia, these rare gelada monkeys look like they"re on top of the world. Simien Mountains National Park has some of the highest elevations in all of Africa, marked by deep valleys, jagged mountains, and sheer cliffs. This harsh climate nurtures rare and endangered species, including our homepage friends. The gelada monkey lives only here in the Ethiopian Highlands, where it survives on a diet of mostly various grasses. Nicknamed the "bleeding-heart monkey," it"s recognizable by the bright red, hourglass-shaped patch on its chest. It has another claim to fame: This chatty species produces a diverse range of vocalizations so complex they"re thought to be similar to those of humans. So, what do you think they"re talking about?