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Art in the high desert © Whit Richardson/Alamy Stock PhotoJoin Our GIFs Group
The desert doubles as an art studio this week at Arches National Park in Utah. Painters from all over are congregating here for the annual Red Rock Arts Festival. This Moab-based event is a celebration of what the French call painting "en plein air," or painting outside. Sounds like a fabulous idea to us (and what a view!). The colorful landscape here at Arches National Park is home to the highest density of natural arches in the world—upwards of 2,000—as well as hundreds of pinnacles and dramatically balanced rocks. Combine that with the fiery sunsets, pinyon trees, and splashes of sage and yucca, and we"d say these artists are in for a treat. Lucky for them, October is one of the most pleasant times of year to visit.