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thumbnail Make your way up a picturesque passageway of Chefchaouen
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Make your way up a picturesque passageway of Chefchaouen © Tatsuya Ohinata/Getty Images
You may not be familiar with the name Chefchaouen but its blue beauty is immediately recognizable. Nestled against the Rif Mountains, the city is well known for the medieval walls washed in a hue that mimics the sky on a summer day. There are many theories as to why the walls are this color—some suggest it was thought to repel mosquitos; others say it follows religious beliefs that associate blue with heaven. No matter the reason, the blue creates photogenic passageways, one of which we are admiring here. As you wander through the city, you’ll find the market filled with handmade textiles and other colorful local goods. The locals are mostly Berber, Jewish, and Muslim people who are famously friendly and laid back. Chefchaouen is also brimming with aromatic cuisine that draws visitors from their explorations to the many popular bakeries and restaurants.