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thumbnail Holey moley–it’s National Doughnut Day!
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Holey moley–it’s National Doughnut Day! © viafilms/Getty Images
Observed annually on the first Friday in June, National Doughnut Day isn’t a marketing ploy by the American Bakers Association. It actually commemorates the women of the Salvation Army who cared for soldiers serving on the front lines of World War I in Montiers-sur-Saulx, France. After several weeks of inclement weather, the demoralized soldiers’ spirits were lifted by a taste from home. The Doughnut Lassies, as the Salvation Army women became known, are often credited with popularizing the doughnut after soldiers returned home after the war. Later, during the depths of the Great Depression in 1938, Chicago’s Salvation Army began National Doughnut Day as a fundraiser to help those in need. The Salvation Army celebrates National Doughnut Day these days by delivering thousands of doughnuts around the country.