thumbnail The Wave at Coyote Buttes
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The Wave at Coyote Buttes © Dennis Frates/AlamyJoin Our GIFs Group
By showing you this coveted sight, we"re saving you a bit of an ordeal. To get a close-up view of the Wave, a whorled sandstone formation in the northern Arizona wilderness, you"d have to navigate a rugged and mostly trail-free hiking route in typically scorching temperatures. You"d also need to have a permit in your pocket. To protect the landscape, only a small number of permits are available, offered through a daily lottery. But maybe for you the journey is at least as important as the destination? If so, this is just one hike of many in the expansive Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, which protects more than 100,000 acres of Arizona and Utah canyonland.