thumbnail Infrared Jupiter, erupting Io
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Infrared Jupiter, erupting Io © NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute/Goddard Space Flight CenterJoin Our GIFs Group
To celebrate World Space Week, we"re featuring this montage of images of Jupiter courtesy of the New Horizons probe"s flyby of the planet in 2007. If Jupiter looks a little different than you"re used to seeing, it"s because it was imaged using the space probe"s near-infrared imaging spectrometer. In this false-color image, Jupiter"s high-altitude clouds, like its stormy Great Red Spot, are rendered white, while deeper cloud formations take on reddish hues. The planet"s innermost moon, Io, is captured in a true-color composite image during one of its frequent volcanic eruptions. A close look will show lava is glowing red beneath the blue and white plume of particles being ejected into the moon"s thin atmosphere.