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FOR FOREST by Klaus Littmann © UNIMOJoin Our GIFs Group
When artist Klaus Littmann covered the pitch of this Austrian soccer stadium with 300 trees, he not only created the country"s largest public art installation—he brought to life a vision of a dystopian future. The installation here at Wörthersee Stadion (Stadium) in the city of Klagenfurt made headlines around the world when it was unveiled on September 8, 2019. Titled "FOR FOREST: The Unending Attraction of Nature," it"s inspired by a nearly identical pencil drawing created in 1970 by Max Peintner, an artist known in the European environmental movement. Littmann first saw the drawing 30 years ago and in the decades since, he held onto his dream of turning it into a reality. Through his work, he hopes to spark conversation about climate change, perception, and the relationship between nature and people. If you"d like to see it in person, you"ll have to hurry. It closes tomorrow, October 27, at 10 PM.