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thumbnail Beech trees and anemone wildflowers, Jutland, Denmark
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Beech trees and anemone wildflowers, Jutland, Denmark © Nick Brundle Photography/Getty Images
Today"s homepage takes us to Jutland, Denmark, where the arrival of spring showcases the green hues of the European beech, a national symbol of this northern land. The young leaves of these budding trees are significant to the Danish people, as they are harvested from April to May and used in cooking—particularly in salads. In the past, Europeans would often use the smooth bark of beech trees for writings texts. In fact, in the modern Dutch language, the term for "book" directly translates as "beech tree." As the sun shines through the forest canopy, wild anemones brighten up the woodland with their white petals. These blooms, representing delicate beauty and sincerity, have even starred in masterpieces by artists such as Monet and Vincent van Gogh.