Día de los Muertos celebrations in Mexico  

Día de los Muertos celebrations in Mexico

It may seem odd to celebrate death—after all, it"s the end of our personal era. But tell that to people who celebrate the Day of the Dead, or el Día de los Muertos, and they"ll smile. They may explain that death is part of the circle of life, and as natural as any other human milestone. As our photo shows, the Day of the Dead is a big holiday in Mexico, where calacas—skeleton figures of musicians, workers, and other folks in merry scenes of everyday "life"—lurk everywhere for weeks before the main event. Of course, living people also play dead for the day, donning skeleton outfits, masks, and grotesque makeup. Music, processions, and food add to the quirky, fun carnival atmosphere.

© Amelia Fuentes Marin/Getty Images

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