With leaves this tasty, who cares about a view?  

With leaves this tasty, who cares about a view?

In the canopy of Uganda"s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a mountain gorilla leans into a meal of succulent green leaves. By day"s end, she"ll likely eat close to 40 pounds of foliage. Locals call this forest Bwindi, which means "impenetrable," but to this mountain gorilla, it"s simply home. Like us (and most primates), these gentle giants have opposable thumbs, which makes picking and eating an easy task. Also like us, mountain gorillas prefer hanging out on the ground. In fact, they"re known to stand upright and walk short distances with a remarkably human-like gait. We humans share 98 percent of our DNA with gorillas (both the eastern and western species), nearly as much as we share with chimps and bonobos. So yes, even though they have more body hair, we"re all hominids.

© Robert Haasmann/Minden Pictures

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